The process

Creating the best space possible by:

-Taking into consideration traffic patterns

-Moving or relocating walls

-As simple as repositioning your current furniture


"Hiring a designer really isn't in my budget"


Being so dialed-in to the design industry, I am able to get exclusive designer deals and discounts. I extend these savings to every client as we work through the design process. The way Brick Elephant Design works, not only will you find yourself saving money by getting exclusive one-time deals, but the cohesiveness of finished space(s) will leave you extremely satisfied and proud.  What you are left with is a sense of fulfillment of quality instead of a need to yet again redo and spend more money.  When you are left with a space that never really obtained the look or feel of what you were trying to achieve, then renovations are always on the horizon or if not in the future budget, always on the mind.  This is YOUR space, whether it be your home or your business, make it what you want the first time.  


PErsonal Style

I am told that my designs are recognizable as Brick Elephant Designs in that they are uniquely impactful, at times funky and architectural while somehow remaining timeless.

Overall and most importantly, I think I have an eclectic style (selecting from the best of various styles and embracing them into one cohesive design). This lends itself to easily working with virtually any clients personal goals and style needs.


Our trained staff will work with you to find the best solutions to your unique design challenges, or as we like to call them, opportunities.

Spatial Intelligence  

When I first enter a space, I have an immediate response. I have a distinct and often detailed vision of what the spaces ultimate potential could be. My goal is to tailor that vision to the design wants and livability needs of my clients. I like to think bigger than the space, "outside the box" if you will. Using materials in unexpected ways can achieve a unique effect AND/OR save money- helping the budget and giving the client a truly special place.